Inventory Management System

Inventory management systems are vital a part of retail, wholesale, service, and various other industries that hold inventory. Initially, the traditional systems served as simple spreadsheets to trace inventory in warehouses, but now the processes became more complex to be recorded in simple spreadsheets.

Features to start

Sales Invoicing including Point-of-Sale Billing

Purchase Order Processing

Grouping and categorization of stock

Flexible unit measure

Alternate and compound unit measure

Item wise and Invoice wise profitability

Discount and Price List

Re-order Level

Integrated with GL (General Ledger)

Why Choose Us ?

Easy inventory control

The registration module handles the inpatient, emergency and outpatient registration process.

Better analysis and forecast

The appointment scheduling deals with the scheduling of physician appointments for the patient.

Accessible from anywhere

This module is responsible to verify, the physical stock and therefore the decision, regarding adjustment (if required) which will happen .


The admission module handles patient admission after the patient is registered . This is the second step of an impatient's journey.

Real-time information

Enable multiple location based a hospital. From remote stations doctors can input vitals, chief complain etc, and submit the data.

Safety & Security of Data

It automates the investigation and therefore the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital/clinic.

We Offer Also

Manager administration and improve company efficiency

Report data can be exported to file in many file formats including Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML, text and more.

Easy Database backup and restore

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