Pharmacy Management System

We have developed a strong pharmacy management system called SDL Pharma. It are often used with hospital and individuals as a model pharmacy. There are some pharmacy options connecting hospitals.
Single pharmacy and multiple location-based pharmacy. for instance OPD pharmacy, IPD pharmacy and country store for procurement. during a large hospital there may use any spot or requisition-based purchase, then stock transfer into OPD, IPD, OT-related pharmacy locations. For IPD There may full return facilities from patients. In medium-level hospitals, they’ll have one pharmacy, having sales and buy facilities both.

Features to start

Company Entry

Product Entry

Barcoding Setup

User Panel Setup

Re-Order Level Setup

Rack Setup

User Entry

Member / Customer Setup

User Permission Assignment

Other Pharmacy Related Setup

Why Choose Us ?

Customizable software & Generates Reports

The software is definitely customizable and is additionally capable of generating various reports. Medicine Purchase Request & Order: it's to manage the acquisition requests and orders.

Requests received for the medicines

Drug issue to a customer & Billing. this is often to take care of the record of medicine issued to patients, and also the billing that happened during the day/month/year.

Physical stock verification & adjustment

This module is responsible to verify, the physical stock and therefore the decision, regarding adjustment (if required) which will happen .

Maintenance of Medicine Stock

Future decisions can easily be taken supported this, by maintaining the drugs stock as this manner you recognize when the stock must be updated.

Daily Stock Position

There is a module within the system of minimum stock setting, in order that are often activated by mentioning a minimum stack and Automatic reorder level refers to the number threshold at which your software will automatically a replacement order for stock.

Automatic Reorder Level/Minimum Stock Setting

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We Offer Also

Destruction of Expired ItemsDestruction of Expired Items

It is again vital to possess the knowledge of expired items that require to be destructed in order that the method are often held timely.

Return all items nearing Expiry

There is a record of things meaning the expiry date, So this manner they will be returned on time.

Supplier & Manufacturer information

It is again vital as this keeps a record of the supplier/manufacturer information from whom you purchase the medicines/who is liable for the manufacturing of these medicines. Reports about stock -in-Hand & complete details of drugs . It gives the knowledge of the stock that’s in-hand with entire medicine details.

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